Prices and Delivery time


We ask for request. The prices undercut the general prices of plastic clamps of the same dimension clearly.


The prices are of course also dependent on the quantity.


Price inquiries also to the following company:


etn Energie- und Telecom Netze GmbH

A-1210 Wien, Tonfabrikgasse 4

E: | T: +43 1 2701505 – 0


ETN will shortly take over the distribution of the cable clamps

Delivery Time

The delivery time is normal 8 weeks, in urgent cases less is possible!


The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.


We ask for special conditions from an order quantity of approx. 200 pieces.


Should a larger number of clamps (from 400 pieces) be needed for a particular clamp diameter so an extra production is possible. Of course, this increases the delivery time to about 8-10 Weeks.