About the Company

The company "Ing. Hans Kerschbaumer - Technisches Büro für Elektrotechnik" was founded on 1st October 2008 by Engineer Hans Kerschbaumer. For decades, he has been in senior management and construction in high voltage cable assembly up to the 380kV voltage level, first on oil cables, then on plastic cables. Mr. Kerschbaumer learned the craft from Felten & Guillaume in the then well-known Mr. DI Pasching, who was able to combine theory and practice like no other. Felten & Guillaume once cooperated with Pirelli and took over the technology from there. Through the sale of the company to Siemens, he also got to know the Siemens technology, including ABB, Brugg, NKT, etc. and their trimmings. After selling to Pirelli, he was back at the starting point, so to speak.

But after his retirement, he could not resist and, in addition to general advice and repairs that no one else does, makes constructive work for fittings and cable fixings, where he incorporates his experience. Hr. Kerschbaumer by his son Stefan Kerschbaumer, graduate of the Evening School of Mechatronics BULME in Graz, a gifted draftsman especially in the 3D field.